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UTR Full Form, How to find a UTR number, Uses and Significances of a UTR Number, Conclusion, FAQs

The full form of UTR is the Unique Transaction Reference (UTR) number. UTR reference number aids in recognizing an RTGS, IMPS or NEFT exchange. UTR numbers are utilized by each bank working in India. At the point when you send cash to India for supporting your folks or your other relatives, they need to have simple admittance to it. You can involve neighbourhood subsidizes move choices in India like NEFT, IMPS or RTGS to move assets from your NRE or NRO record to occupant Indian bank accounts in India.[1] However, you need to remember FEMA rules for these exchanges. You can peruse more about the distinctions between RTGS and NEFT in another article.

In the event that an NEFT move is taking somewhat longer than anticipated, you could have to check the UTR number to get the situation with the exchange. All in all, what does a UTR number mean in banking?


What is a UTR number?

A UTR or Unique Transaction Reference number is a reference number for recognizing an NEFT, IMPS or RTGS exchange. Each bank in India involves UTR numbers for all nearby methods of cash move and they are valuable for beneficiaries on the off chance that there has been no new update or credit compared to your exchange.

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How to find a UTR number?

The speediest method for getting an exchange’s UTR number is from your NRI investment account explanation. You can see or download this assertion from your bank’s versatile application or through web banking. It is the 16 or 22-person number close to the exchange date.

Utilizations and significance of a UTR number:

If your NRI account is charged, however, the recipient hasn’t gotten the assets, you can utilize the UTR and connect with the bank client care group for them to follow the exchange. All banks in India have the client care data refreshed on their sites. On account of premium financial suggestions, you can connect with your committed Relationship Manager to enquire about the exchange. You should keep the UTR number helpful to convey it to your bank agent. UTR Full Form is a Unique Transaction Reference.

What number of digits are there in the UTR number?

At the point when there is an exchange between any two ledgers, then a remarkable UTR number is created, in spite of the fact that you should realize that there are many sorts of cash moves like RTGS, NEFT, IMPS and UPI all have different Digit’s UTR NO. which are made as follows-

  1. RTGS-In this, 22 Digit UTR NUMBER is created when cash is executed.
  2. NEFT-16 Digit UTR NUMBER will be accessible on the exchange of cash through this.
  3. Pixies and UPI-If you do cash exchange from IMPS and UPI then both have a similar digit UTR number produced which is 12 digits.
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Exchange history can be gotten by checking or t and racking this UTR number, and assuming that there is an issue with a specific exchange, you can go to the bank or find support by reaching out.

Last Note:

You want not to retain the UTR number for your exchanges since banks seldom defer reserve moves. In the event that your instalment doesn’t arrive at your friends and family, most banks naturally discount the sum on the off chance that the equivalent was charged. You then have the adaptability to re-start the exchange.

FAQs on UTR Full Form:

What number of digits is the UTR number?

UTR number can be different for each instalment strategy RTGS has 22 digits, NEFT has 16 digits, and UPI and IMPS have 12 digits.

How to check the exchange status from the UTR number?

To know the ongoing status of your exchange, then, at that point, you have numerous choices. To know the exchange status, first; you can follow the ongoing status or exchange with the assistance of web banking, portable application, and client care.

When is the UTR number required?

You might require a UTR number when cash isn’t credited in the sent record or cash is stuck or on the other hand; if you have any desire to know the exchange status when there is an exchange between any two banks.

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What is referenced in the UTR number?

Numerous significant data are joined to the UTR number like when the instalment has been made; its date, month, and year, aside from this, bank code and a few digits are likewise connected with this; the situation with any instalment is known.

What is the motivation behind the UTR number?

The principal reason for the bank to create the UTR number is to gather each data connected with the exchange into one number, so that at whatever point there is a need to know increasingly more data about any exchange, then it tends to be effectively known through a similar number.

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