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PDA Full Form

PDA Full Form is Personal Digital Assistant. PDA may be a hand-held device design to use as a private organizer with communications capabilities. It’s wont to store contact information, manage calendars, sending and receiving an e-mail, browsing the web, and handle documents.

PDA may be a mobile device without a keyboard, but with a screen to write down or draw the words with the assistance of a pen-like stylus. So they need the potential to require notes, read graphs, hook up with the web, upload, and download. They’re also referred to as palmtop, handheld computer.

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Touch screen:

It’s going to have one or two buttons to make the shortcuts for the app used. Otherwise, the user has got to enter a text by touching or employing a pen-like stylus.

Memory cards:

Earlier PDAs didn’t have a memory slot but now some PDAs may have memory card slots and USB flash drive slots.

Wired connectivity:

Earlier PDAs were ready to hook up with a personnel computer via serial ports or other devices. Now USB cables are wont to connect them.

Wireless connectivity:

PDAs have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which are wireless.

Operating system:

Pre-installed operating systems are Palm OS, WebOS.


Some PDAs may have built-in GPS and a few may hook up with GPS externally.

Rugged PDAs:

Rugged PDAs have some extra features included like barcode readers, radio-frequency identification readers, magnetic tape card readers, or open-end credit readers. PDA Full Form is Personal Digital Assistant.

Automobile navigation:

Some PDAs include Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers; this is often particularly true of smartphones. So other PDAs are compatible with external GPS-receiver add-ons that use the PDA’s processor and screen to display location information. PDAs with GPS functionality often used for automotive navigation. PDAs increasingly fitted as standard on new cars. PDA-based GPS also can display traffic conditions; so they can perform dynamic routing, and show known locations of roadside mobile radar guns. TomTom, Garmin, and iGO offer GPS navigation software for PDAs.

Educational uses:

PDAs and handheld devices are allowed in many classrooms for digital note-taking. Students can spell-check, modify, and amend their class notes on a PDA. Some educators[who?] distribute course material through the web or infrared file-sharing functions of the PDA. Textbook publishers have begun to release e-books, which may upload on to a PDA, so reducing the number of textbooks students must carry. Brighton and SUSSEX school of medicine within the UK was the primary school of medicine to supply wide-scale use of PDAs to its undergraduate students.

The training opportunities provided by having PDAs complete with a set of key medical texts study with results showing that learning occurs in context with timely access to key facts and through consolidation of data via repetition. The PDA was a crucial addition to the training ecology instead of a replacement. So software companies have developed PDA programs to satisfy the educational needs of educational institutions; like dictionaries, thesauri, data processing software, encyclopedias; webinar, and digital lesson planners. PDA Full Form is Personal Digital Assistant.

Recreational uses:

PDAs could also employe by music enthusiasts to play a spread of music file formats. Many PDAs include the functionality of an MP3 player. Road rally enthusiasts can use PDAs to calculate distance, speed, and time. This information could also use for navigation, so the PDA’s GPS functions often used for navigation. Underwater divers can use PDAs to plan to breathe gas mixtures and decompression schedules using software like “V-Planner”.

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