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MPR Full Form Is Maximum Retail Price. Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is the price calculated by a manufacturer which is the highest price for a product sold in India and Bangladesh. This is the highest price charged for a product in the country. It is calculated by the manufacturer of the product. Along with the cost price, it includes the transportation cost and all government taxes levied on that product. However, it may be sold by retailers for less than the MRP. In India, all products are labeled with MRP to let the customer know the highest price at which the product can be sold or bought.

अधिकतम खुदरा मूल्य (एमआरपी) एक निर्माता द्वारा गणना की गई कीमत है जो भारत और बांग्लादेश में बेचे जाने वाले उत्पाद के लिए उच्चतम मूल्य है। यह देश में किसी उत्पाद के लिए ली जाने वाली सबसे अधिक कीमत है। इसकी गणना उत्पाद के निर्माता द्वारा की जाती है। लागत मूल्य के साथ, इसमें परिवहन लागत और उस उत्पाद पर लगाए गए सभी सरकारी कर शामिल हैं। हालांकि खुदरा विक्रेता इसे एमआरपी से कम में बेच सकते हैं। भारत में, सभी उत्पादों को एमआरपी के साथ लेबल किया जाता है ताकि ग्राहक को उस उच्चतम कीमत का पता चल सके जिस पर उत्पाद बेचा या खरीदा जा सकता है।

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Why was the MRP criticized?

  • The concept of MRP has been criticized when it is compared to the free market system because in MRP the manufacturer decides what profit the retailer will make.
  • Cooling charges for cold beverages such as the MRP are easy to manipulate.
  • The manufacturer can fix the MRP up to ten times the expected selling price.
  • Retailers cannot charge more than the MRP for higher transportation costs in rural areas, so they do not stock most of the items and thus people living in rural areas do not get many products to buy.

How is MRP different from Retail Price?

  • MRP differs from those using recommended retail price systems because the price calculated by the manufacturer in those systems is not enforceable by law and is only a recommendation.
  • And All products sold through retail must be marked with MRP in India. It is mandatory that shops cannot charge customers more than the MRP. Some retailers/shops may charge slightly less than the MRP to offer discounts and attract more customers to their stores.
  • With the MRP on the packaging for the sellers, the scope of selling the products to the customers at a higher price becomes negligible.

It prohibits sellers to mislead customers by charging anything more than the MRP of the product. In India, there are instances where retailers often charge MRP illegally, in popular tourist destinations, in some remote areas, and in situations where the product is difficult to obtain.

MRP Critic

The concept of MRP has received a lot of criticism since its launch. Here are some of the reasons behind the characterization of MRP –

  • The MRP was criticized when it was compared to the free market system because, in MRP, the manufacturer is responsible for setting the price and what profit the retailer will make.
  • There are a few ways to manipulate the MRP by adding additional production quantities like adding a cooling charge for cold drinks.
  • Sometimes the manufacturer may fix the MRP of the product up to ten times the expected selling price.
  • People in rural areas do not get many types of products as retailers do not stock most of the items as they cannot charge more than MRP in rural areas to set it at higher transportation costs.

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MPR Full Form: New Rules Of MRP

After the implementation of GST, the government has introduced new rules for MRP.

  • At least two advertisements should be given in the newspaper when the price of a product increases after GST.
  • There is no need to give any advertisement in the newspaper for the products whose price has been reduced after the implementation of GST.


The purpose of having an MRP is to ensure that customers are not charged anything over that amount. With MRP printed on the packaging of a product, the scope of sellers to sell the goods to the customers at a higher price becomes negligible. It prohibits the shopkeepers to fool the customers by charging anything above the printed value of the product.

Companies fix MRP so that they can compete very easily in the industry and at the same time, earn enough profits to run their business operations smoothly. The MRP ensures that the goods are stable for all regions, and sellers do not charge buyers anything more than the printed price. This ensures that buyers are charged only the maximum of the printed value.

MPR Full Form: Advantages

  • Benefits of MRP can be listed as customer awareness, prevention of tax-evasion, eliminating chances of cheating buyers by charging unfair prices on goods; not black marketing, building customer confidence, laying a strong foundation could. For a buyer-seller relationship, and so on. With MRP, it also becomes easier for the manufacturers to compete with the existing industry competition.
  • Since MRP is the maximum retail price that can be charged for a product therefore; it allows the suppliers to make a profit on the same; and if they can sell the goods at a slightly lower price than the other supplier; that is More chances to attract more customers, more sales and better profit margins
  • For yourself.


  • The overall picture cannot ignore the loss of MRP. The first thing to be learned is that since the government has a negligible role in fixing the MRP of a product; the manufacturers may set an unjust amount as the MRP of that product.
  • This will ultimately affect the purchasing power of the customers and especially those who are not financially affluent; and if such a product is a necessity, it will have a greater impact on an individual and the economy as well.
  • It can also create inefficiencies in the market. It also adds unnecessary complications to the overall supply chain of the product. There is a maximum retail price in the country, and nothing can be done about it. Since the manufacturers fix the MRP for their products; therefore, they may quote very high prices, which may ultimately affect a lot of retailers who are operating on a small scale; and thus, they are less likely to charge for such items. Reasons can also cause you to lose your customer trust and base. that they are out of their control.

FAQ’S On MPR Full Form

How is MRP calculated?

Maximum Retail Price Calculation Formula = Manufacturing Cost + Packaging / Presentation Cost + Profit Margin + CNF Margin + Stockist Margin + Retailer Margin + GST ​​+ Transportation + Marketing / Advertising Expenses + Other Expenses etc.

MPR Full Form: What is the MRP of the goods?

What is MRP or Maximum Retail Price? Each product is marked with a maximum retail price. This is the highest price fixed by the manufacturers for a specific product before the sale in India. Retailers cannot charge customers more than the MRP.

What are MRP and RSP?

MRP – Maximum Retail Price – The maximum price of the product, which is the maximum price for the end consumer. RST – Retail Selling Price – The agreed price of the product between the seller and the buyer; which is always less than the MRP. 2 likes.

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MPR Full Form: Is GST included in MRP?

GST included in MRP

As the name suggests, Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is the maximum price that the seller can charge from the buyer. MRP includes all taxes including GST. It is to be noted that retailers cannot levy GST more than the MRP.

MPR Full Form: What is MRP Label India?

So MRP means maximum retail price. The MRP is the highest marked price on a product that can be charged by the seller of that product.

Who sets the MRP in India?

MRP was introduced by the government as part of the Packaged Commodities Act; which mandates that every packaged commodity must have certain information printed on the packaging; including the date of manufacturing, expiry date, if relevant, and manufacturer’s details. is included.

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