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IPCC Full Form is Integrated Professional Competition Course. And IPCC is the second or second-level course of the CA (Chartered Accountancy) degree. Its course is conducted by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India). Upon satisfactory completion of this Integrated Professional Qualification course, an applicant is eligible for the final level in Chartered Accountancy.
And The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the leading international body for the assessment of climate change. It is a major source of scientific information and technical guidance for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Kyoto Protocol, and the Paris Agreement.

IPCC का फुल फॉर्म इंटीग्रेटेड प्रोफेशनल कॉम्पिटिशन कोर्स है। और IPCC CA (चार्टर्ड अकाउंटेंसी) डिग्री का सेकेंड या सेकेंड लेवल का कोर्स है। इसका कोर्स आईसीएआई (इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ चार्टर्ड अकाउंटेंट्स ऑफ इंडिया) द्वारा संचालित किया जाता है। इस एकीकृत व्यावसायिक योग्यता पाठ्यक्रम के संतोषजनक समापन पर, एक आवेदक चार्टर्ड एकाउंटेंसी में अंतिम स्तर के लिए पात्र है।और इंटरगवर्नमेंटल पैनल ऑन क्लाइमेट चेंज (आईपीसीसी) जलवायु परिवर्तन के आकलन के लिए अग्रणी अंतरराष्ट्रीय निकाय है। यह जलवायु परिवर्तन पर संयुक्त राष्ट्र फ्रेमवर्क कन्वेंशन (यूएनएफसीसीसी), क्योटो प्रोटोकॉल और पेरिस समझौते के लिए वैज्ञानिक जानकारी और तकनीकी मार्गदर्शन का एक प्रमुख स्रोत है।

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IPCC Full Form: History of IPCC

The International Council of Scientific Unions, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) established an international scientific body called the Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases in 1985, giving rise to the IPCC. The advisory group was developed to make suggestions based on scientific research. Later, the IPCC was supported by the US government and still receives funding from trust funds established by UNEP and WMO. The IPCC does not conduct research but produces reports and assessments based on research from other organizations.

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय वैज्ञानिक संघ परिषद, विश्व मौसम विज्ञान संगठन (डब्लूएमओ), और संयुक्त राष्ट्र पर्यावरण कार्यक्रम (यूएनईपी) ने 1985 में ग्रीनहाउस गैसों पर सलाहकार समूह नामक एक अंतरराष्ट्रीय वैज्ञानिक निकाय की स्थापना की, जिसने आईपीसीसी को जन्म दिया। सलाहकार समूह को वैज्ञानिक अनुसंधान के आधार पर सुझाव देने के लिए विकसित किया गया था। बाद में, आईपीसीसी को अमेरिकी सरकार द्वारा समर्थित किया गया था और अभी भी यूएनईपी और डब्लूएमओ द्वारा स्थापित ट्रस्ट फंड से धन प्राप्त करता है। आईपीसीसी अनुसंधान नहीं करता है बल्कि अन्य संगठनों के शोध के आधार पर रिपोर्ट और आकलन तैयार करता है।

Primary Objectives of the IPCC

  • The main goal of the IPCC is to prepare a report implementing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • It stabilizes the atmospheric greenhouse gas, which is quite intense.
  • The IPCC has accepted and issued the ‘Principles Governing the IPCC Function’, which notes and describes the analysis and evaluation of the IPCC;
  • Human-caused climate change risks, its potential impacts, and possible prevention options.

Structure of IPCC

The IPCC Plenary is the main body of the IPCC members. Representatives of IPCC member governments meet once or more frequently a year in plenary sessions of the panel. They elect a bureau of scientists for the duration of the evaluation cycle. Governments and observer organizations designate, and bureau members select experts to prepare IPCC reports.

आईपीसीसी प्लेनरी आईपीसीसी सदस्यों का मुख्य निकाय है। आईपीसीसी सदस्य सरकारों के प्रतिनिधि पैनल के पूर्ण सत्र में वर्ष में एक या अधिक बार मिलते हैं। वे मूल्यांकन चक्र की अवधि के लिए वैज्ञानिकों के एक ब्यूरो का चुनाव करते हैं। सरकारें और पर्यवेक्षक संगठन नामित करते हैं, और ब्यूरो सदस्य आईपीसीसी रिपोर्ट तैयार करने के लिए विशेषज्ञों का चयन करते हैं।

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IPCC Full Form: Eligibility criteria

It is desirable for every candidate aspiring to pursue a CA degree to understand everything about the CA entrance exam. Moreover, understanding the full form of IPCC is a part of knowing this degree in detail. Firstly, understand the eligibility criteria for this prestigious degree.

  • Before appearing in the IPCC exam, the applicant has to clear the CA CPT exam.
  • After the completion of the course, the CA institute conducts an examination. This exam is named as Integrated Professional Aptitude Test.

The exam is divided into two papers: Paper 1 and Paper 2. CA exam prepares the students for real-world scenarios. Students must participate in an internship program to gain experience in the industry work culture.

Apart from IPCC’s full form in CA, there is another IPCC full form Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. It is an intergovernmental body that studies the impact of climate change. This body operates under the leadership of the United Nations and establish in 1988 by two UN bodies. The World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations General Assembly are the two bodies responsible for the creation of this intergovernmental board. The primary objective of this body is to study the risks of climate change caused by humans and how to prevent such risks.

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Career Prospects for IPCC

After clearing Intermediate Professional Competition Course (IPCC) Group 1, a CA apprentice qualifies as a vocal assistant to earn at least INR 3,000 to INR 4,000 per month in aggregate. What we need to learn is that attending these articles is mandatory for any student attempting a CA course, and therefore commits to having a training time where this student acquires practical aspects of the career. Is. So getting a respectable amount is not a goal (unless one of the Big 4 employs them).

Despite this, if the candidate has passed IPCC Group 1 then they can be hired in any field related to the same, and surely earning between INR 8,000 to INR 15,000 per month is suggested that they Complete their CA studies as it will unlock a lot. Earning opportunities is absolutely better than giving up and living at an extra expense. A few years of hard work, hard work, and dedication are their end.

Including ICAI buildings in various cities, there are some private institutes/training centers specializing in imparting CA-IPCC excellence training.

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FAQ On IPCC Full Form

How can I join IPCC?

You need to enroll yourself in ICAI to apply for IPCC or Intermediate course. You can enroll yourself online at the ICAI website. And You can also download the IPCC application form from the ICAI website and register yourself by filling out this form. You will need to submit these forms to your regional offices in your location.

Are IPCC members paid?

Hundreds of experts from various fields volunteer their time and expertise to prepare the IPCC report. Thousands more contribute to the literature and other knowledge assessed in the review process and IPCC reports. These scientists are not paid by the IPCC. There are different ways to get involved here.

IPCC Full Form: What is the purpose of IPCC?

The IPCC was created to provide policymakers with regular scientific assessments on climate change, its implications, and potential future risks, as well as advance adaptation and mitigation options. Through its assessments, the IPCC determines the state of knowledge on climate change.

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What are the 2 groups of IPCC?

CA Foundation and CA Integrated Professional Competition Course (IPCC) are two different levels of chartered accountancy exams conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICIA).

Who are the members of IPCC?

As an intergovernmental body, membership of the IPCC is open to all member states of the United Nations (UN) and WMO. Currently, 195 countries are members of the IPCC.

IPCC Full Form: Is the IPCC exam tough?

Hi, yes it consider a tough exam. The reason is that the syllabus is huge and if you don’t start the preparation on time you can get in trouble, the other reason is that out of all the students who appear in the exam, only 5% of the students clear the exam, hence the competition. Actually more.

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