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What is the full form of IG?

IG Full Form is Inspector General of Police. The person is a senior cop in the Indian police. This assignment alludes to the top of a huge territorial order of the police administration. An IPS official who has finished 19 years of administration can be elevated to turn into an IG.

IG is answerable for the whole authoritative administration of the police power and has the order over the public police administration and may perform works according to the public enactment. He practices his forces in regards to arrangements, postings, advancements, and suspension as per the directions and rules informed by the Govt. Other than this, according to the police act, 1861; the IG of police has the full force of a Magistrate all through the overall police region, notwithstanding, this force might differ according to the restriction forced by the state govt.

To turn into the IG, you need to begin from IPS, and to turn into an IPS official you need to clear the UPSC test first. From that point; because of your experience and execution in your work, you can be advanced as IG within 10-14 years. The IG is delegated for a solitary four-year term and can’t be designated once more.

Capacities or obligations of an IG:

  • IG of a zone fills in as a connection between the Director-General of Police and the District office.
  • He guarantees co-activity between the police of different ranges or areas under his locale.
  • He might control, guidance or offer directions to DIGs and SP of his reach to know and not to supplant each other in their allocated capacities.
  • So he can surpass Range DIG and SP during a crisis and can assume full responsibility for the circumstance.
  • He focuses on the preparation of Armed Reserves so a significant degree of productivity and discipline can be kept up within the police powers. He is additionally answerable for keeping up with disciplines among officials, all things considered.
  • So he trains officials under his post identified with man-the-board and unobtrusiveness in their lead and conduct while playing out their obligations.
  • He has approved to have data of all genuine cases identified with the wrongdoing of officials that have posted in his reach.
  • So he can direct a lot of his reach to DIGs and Superintendents of Police in genuine matters and can make individual inquiries in genuine cases.
  • He shares duplicates of his visit programs with DGP, SP under him.

FAQs on IG Full Form:

What are IG and DIG?

Burrow represents Deputy Inspector General. It is a one-star rank in the Indian Police Service. An official standing firm on this foothold works under the Inspector General of Police (IG) or Joint Commissioner of Police. This is a post of an IPS official holding 3 stars on his uniform.

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What is IG work?

An Inspector General of Police is a senior cop in the police power or police administration of a few countries. The position normally alludes to the top of an enormous local order inside a police administration; in numerous nations alludes to the most senior official of the whole public policy.

What do 3 stars mean in the police?

After the finish of their training, officials actually hold the position of associate administrator and wear three silver stars as badges for a year, and afterward, they get elevated to the position of Superintendent of Police and have shipped off the unit which has apportioned to them in the wake of preparing in the foundation.

What is the capability of IG?

You have a clear UPSC test and become an IPS official. Then, at that point dependent on exp you will advance within 10-14 years as Inspector General of Police(IG). So IG implies Inspector general of police.

What is an IG post in the police?

IG represents Inspector General of Police. The individual in question is a senior cop in the Indian police. This assignment alludes to the top of an enormous local order of the police administration. An IPS official who has finished 19 years of administration can elevate to turn into an IG.

Would inspectors be able to become IG?

At the point when an IPS official finishes nineteen years of administration; he can turn into an IG of the Police.

What is the capability of DSP?

Applicants should be Indian residents with any degree and between the ages of 21 to 38 years. There is a base actual necessity of stature 168 cm (5 ft 6 in) for men and 155 cm (5 ft 1 in) for ladies, chest prerequisite of 84 cm (33 in), and chest extension of 5 cm (2 in).

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