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What are the short forms?

We often use short forms (called contractions) in spoken English. For instance, rather than saying I’m here, we frequently say I’m here. Instead of he’s late, we are saying he’s late. When we write a brief form, we replace the missing letter with ‘ (called an apostrophe). Short forms (contractions)

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What is the full form of the list?

There are given an inventory of full forms on different topics. These terms are often categorized in educational, organizational, finance, IT, technology, science, computer, and general categories. To get the entire knowledge of every term, visit the links of every acronym.

What is the full form of PM?

Post Meridien

AM and PM both are Latin words, used in a 12-hour clock system to represent Before Noon and After Noon respectively. They are also represented as A.M. and P.M. AM expand as Anti Meridiem which suggests “before midday” and PM expand as Post Meridiem which suggests “after midday”.

What is the full form of the army?

The acronym army is derived from the Latin word armada, which means “armed or armed force”. The short form Army is thus defined as an organized military force equipped for the purpose of fighting on land.

What means AM and PM?

From the Latin words meridians (midday), ante (before), and post (after), the term ante meridiem (a.m.) means before midday and post meridiem (p.m.) means after midday. … The American Heritage Dictionary of English Language states “By convention, 12 AM denotes midnight and 12 PM denotes noon.

What is the full form of love?

Love isn’t an acronym so it doesn’t have any full form. Love is one of the foremost intense emotions that we experience as humans. It is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that range from interpersonal affection to pleasure.

What is the full form of the sun?

SUN. Stanford University Network. Computing » Networking — and more.

What is AM morning or night?

Using numbers from 1 to 12, followed by am or pm, the 12-hour clock system identifies all 24 hours of the day. For example, 5 am is early within the morning, and 5 pm is late within the afternoon; 1 am is one hour after midnight, while 11 pm is one hour before midnight.

What is the full form of girl?

Originally Answered: what’s the complete sort of girl? “Girl” isn’t an abbreviation or acronym; it’s no “full form”.

What is a full form of TRP?

TRP stands for Television Rating Point. … it’s wont to judge which TV program is viewed most. This gives an index of the selection of the people and shows the recognition of the actual program. A program with higher TRP indicates that the program is viewed by an outsized number of viewers.

What is the full form of wife?

Wife- Full form is Love or care by adding the word “you” in-between.

What is the Full form of OK?

Okay (OK) may be a colloquial English word denoting approval, acceptance, assent, or acknowledgment. OK is presumably short for “Oll Korrect,” a jokey misspelling of “All Correct” that needs a touch historical context to form sense.

What is the Full form of God?

The full sort of God is G- Generator(Brahma) O-Operator(Vishnu) D-Destroyer(Shankar). … God exists as pure consciousness!

What is a full form of CCTV?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) also referred to as video surveillance. It is a system where all the weather like video cameras, display monitors, recording devices directly connect.

What is Fullform of Amul?

AMUL: Anand Milk Union Limited

AMUL stands for Anand Milk Union Limited. It is a milk product cooperative dairy company based in the small town of Anand in the Gujarat state of India.

What is the full form of a friend?

Originally Answered: What is the full form of a friend? … So, a friend means a person who is only for you. Friend means the primary relationships within the earth which never dies.

What is PVR full form?

PVR: Priya Village Roadshow

PVR stands for Priya Village Roadshow. It is one of the largest multiplex cinema chains in India. It was the first company that introduces the concept of multiplexes in India in 1997.

What is Fullform of PK?

PeeKay (PK) is an Indian comedy-drama film direct by Rajkumar Hirani. … The name PK is an abbreviation of Peekay. Peekay (Peena+kay) may be a Hindi word that suggests “having drunk”. And it does not stand for Punmiya Kushal.

What is the full form of Kiss?

KISS, an acronym for “keep it simple, stupid” or “keep it stupid simple”, maybe a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960.

What is the full name of LOL?

laughing out loud

LOL, an abbreviation for laughing aloud, or laugh aloud, maybe a common element of Internet slang. It was used historically on Usenet but is now widespread in other sorts of computer-mediated communication, and even face-to-face communication.

What is the Fullform of RTO?

RTO: Regional Transport Office/ Road Transport Office

RTO stands for Regional Transport Office. It is an Indian Government bureau which is liable for registration of vehicles. It situated in every state of India which issues driving licenses and vehicle registration cards.

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