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EVS Full Form Is Environmental Studies. Environmental Studies (EVS full form) is the study of the environment, which refers to the environment in which everyone lives. Everything that directly or indirectly promotes human existence is considered part of the environment. And Plants, animals and soil, water, and air are examples of living and non-living components.
Environmental studies (EVS) is the scientific study of the state of the environmental system and its underlying or induced changes in organisms. It includes not only the study of the physical and biological characteristics of the environment but also the study of social and cultural factors and the impact of man on the environment. EVS is a multidisciplinary academic field that systematically studies human interactions with the environment. And It is a broad field of study that includes the natural environment, the built environment, and the relationship between them. There are several degree programs in environmental studies, including master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

पर्यावरण अध्ययन (ईवीएस पूर्ण रूप) पर्यावरण का अध्ययन है, जो उस वातावरण को संदर्भित करता है जिसमें हर कोई रहता है। वह सब कुछ जो प्रत्यक्ष या अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से मानव अस्तित्व को बढ़ावा देता है, पर्यावरण का हिस्सा माना जाता है। पौधे, जानवर और मिट्टी, पानी और हवा सजीव और निर्जीव घटकों के उदाहरण हैं।
पर्यावरण अध्ययन (ईवीएस) पर्यावरण प्रणाली की स्थिति और जीवों में इसके अंतर्निहित या प्रेरित परिवर्तनों का वैज्ञानिक अध्ययन है। इसमें न केवल पर्यावरण की भौतिक और जैविक विशेषताओं का अध्ययन शामिल है बल्कि सामाजिक और सांस्कृतिक कारकों और पर्यावरण पर मनुष्य के प्रभाव का अध्ययन भी शामिल है। ईवीएस एक बहु-विषयक शैक्षणिक क्षेत्र है जो पर्यावरण के साथ मानवीय अंतःक्रियाओं का व्यवस्थित रूप से अध्ययन करता है।

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Importance of Environmental Studies:

  • It helps to find out sustainable ways of living life.
  • It helps in understanding the behavior of humans and other animals in the natural environment.
  • And It helps in identifying environmental issues and educating people about them.
  • It provides ways to use natural resources without harming the environment.
  • It allows you to make people aware of the importance and conservation of the environment.

EVS Full Form: Courses in EVS:

There are many courses in EVS like:

  • Certificate Course in Environmental Science
  • Diploma in Environmental Science
  • scheduled caste. in environmental science
  • Bachelor in Environmental Management
  • scheduled caste. in Environmental Management, and much more.
  • D in Earth Science
  • D in Environmental Science, and more.

Career Options in Environmental Studies:

Here are some popular job titles for EVS students:

  • Environmental scientist
  • Environmental consultant
  • wildlife or environmental photographer
  • lecturer
  • wildlife filmmaker
  • Environmental journalist
  • Waste Management Director

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Environmental Education in India

In India, the promotion of environmental studies, especially in primary and now high schools, has taken a serious turn. In 2003, the Supreme Court in India made environmental studies mandatory for all schools to include as a core curriculum. Later, as per the amendment of this mandate, schools are required to incorporate project-based environmental education and for this, the Central Government has given appropriate incentives and concessions to every school to be able to undertake such practical-based study of the subject. have been given. and organize various programs for awareness at the school level.
Thus many schools which previously focused only on the theoretical method of study of the subject have now shifted to both theoretical and practical methods of study and evaluation. According to UNESCO statistics, there are about 1.3 billion schools in India that promote environmental protection through EVM studies, as well as other subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, zoology, etc.

Protection And Need For The Environment

Environmental studies are about learning how we should live and how we can develop sustainable strategies to protect the environment. It helps individuals to live and develop an understanding of the physical environment and to solve challenging environmental issues affecting nature.

Apart from studying the physical aspects of the environment, it also emphasizes the need to conserve biodiversity and adopt more sustainable lifestyles and use resources in a responsible manner.

In order to create awareness of environmental problems among today’s generation, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has made it mandatory for universities to start courses in environmental studies and teach students about the environment, pollution, and problems related to the environment.

Importance Of Environmental Studies

  • Through environmental studies, you can make people aware of the importance and conservation of the environment.
  • Environmental studies help to identify environmental issues and educate people about them.
  • It helps to find out sustainable ways of living life.
  • And It helps in understanding the behavior of humans and other animals in the natural environment.
  • It provides ways to use natural resources without harming the environment.

History of EVS:

It engages in active learning and provides the opportunity to gain critical and responsible perspectives, using a wide range of skills. Each EVS subject plays a specific role in fulfilling the objectives of this course area.

यह सक्रिय सीखने में संलग्न है और कौशल की एक विस्तृत श्रृंखला का उपयोग करके महत्वपूर्ण और जिम्मेदार दृष्टिकोण हासिल करने का अवसर प्रदान करता है। प्रत्येक ईवीएस विषय इस पाठ्यक्रम क्षेत्र के उद्देश्यों को पूरा करने में एक विशिष्ट भूमिका निभाता है।

FAQ On EVS Full Form

What are EVS subjects?

EVS is a combination of three components of the subject study, History, Geography, and Science. The theme focuses on the exploration, development, and conservation of nature and its elements, with a comprehensive understanding of the human, social and cultural dimensions of the wider environment.

ईवीएस विषय अध्ययन, इतिहास, भूगोल और विज्ञान के तीन घटकों का एक संयोजन है। विषय व्यापक पर्यावरण के मानव, सामाजिक और सांस्कृतिक आयामों की व्यापक समझ के साथ प्रकृति और उसके तत्वों की खोज, विकास और संरक्षण पर केंद्रित है।

What is the EVS subject in class 11?

EVS is nothing but environmental science, consisting of biology, informatics, and a little bit of physics. It basically covers the study of the environment and various environmental issues.

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EVS Full Form: Are EVs and Science the Same?

Difference Between Science and E.v.s:

EVS stands for Environmental Science which deals with the science of the environment only. Environmental science describes the study of the natural, human cultural, and social dimensions of the local or wider environment.

EVS Full Form: Why do we study EVs?

EVS helps children to develop their insight into understanding the workings of human processes of many things in their environment. Such interaction with the environment around them is extremely important in the healthy development of children.

ईवीएस बच्चों को उनके पर्यावरण में कई चीजों की मानवीय प्रक्रियाओं के कामकाज को समझने में उनकी अंतर्दृष्टि विकसित करने में मदद करता है। अपने आसपास के वातावरण के साथ इस तरह की बातचीत बच्चों के स्वस्थ विकास के लिए बेहद जरूरी है।

What is the environmental answer?

The environment can be defined as the sum of all living and non-living elements and their effects which affect human life. While all living or biotic elements are animals, plants, forests, fisheries, and birds, non-living or non-living elements include water, land, sunlight, rocks, and air.

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