EPIC Full Form

The Indian elector ID card is a character report gave by the Election Commission of India to grown-up houses of India who have arrived at the age of 18, which principally fills in as a personality verification for Indian residents while projecting their polling form in the nation’s metropolitan, state, and public races. It likewise fills in as broad personality, address, and age evidence for different purposes, for example, purchasing a cell phone SIM card or applying for an identification. It additionally fills in as a Travel Document to head out to Nepal and Bhutan via Land or Air. Its full form is Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC). It was first presented in 1993 during the residency of the Chief Election Commissioner T. N. Seshan.

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Online Method:
  • Go to National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP) site.
  • Click on register for new citizen ID.
  • Click on Form 6. Fill the subtleties and submit.
  • The candidates will be needed to transfer their photograph and birth endorsement.
Offline Method:
  • Visit the State Election Commission Office.
  • Gather Form 6.
  • Fill in the structure with all the pertinent subtleties alongside photograph, address verification, birth declaration, and so forth
  • Present the structure.


India is one of the world’s greatest law based countries, so which sets up of an enormous number of people. Given the different assortment that the country proceeds, so there are innumerable philosophical gatherings that have been outlined in each state, district or town. EPIC Full Form is Electoral Photo Identity Card.

Choices are a mind boggling issue in India and besides a fundamental bit of the majority rule government. Political race in India are held once at ordinary stretches. As fit inhabitants of the nation, it is our commitment to rehearse our privilege to project a voting form. In any case, since it incorporates gigantic bit of the general population, races are never a basic endeavor. There are incalculable instances of optional distortion and misrepresentation that occur during choices, close to various other such demonstrations of disregard.

What is Form 8 in NVSP?

Structure 8 can petitioned for amendment to points of interest of an individual entered in the discretionary roll. The application can recorded after draft distribution of appointive move of the electorate. So the application is to documented inside the particular days accommodated the reason.

When we can apply for elector ID?

The elector card given to all Indian residents who have achieved the age of 18 years and fit the bill to be a citizen. One needs to apply on endorsed Form-6 of Election Commission connected with confirmation of ID, Indian ethnicity, age and home.

What is epic number of citizen card?

NOTE: The Election Commission of India has coordinated that non standard EPIC/Voter ID Card numbers (old arrangement card for example DL/01/001/000000) ought to changed over to standard 10 digit alphanumeric numbers for making EPIC/Voter ID Card number uniform for all voters.

What is part number and chronic number?

At the end of the day, a section number recognizes a specific (physical) part as made to that one extraordinary plan; a chronic number, when utilized, distinguishes a specific (physical) section (one physical occasion), as separated from the following unit that stepped, machined, or expelled just after it.

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What is full structure EVM?

Electronic Voting Machine ( EVM ) is an electronic gadget for recording votes. An Electronic Voting Machine comprises of two Units – a Control Unit and a Balloting Unit – joined by a five-meter link.

What is Form No 7?

Structure 7-Application for protesting incorporation of name in appointive roll or looking for cancellation of name from Electoral Roll. – Forms for Registration in E-Roll – Election Commission of India.

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