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DM Full Form

DM Full Form is Direct Message. DM may be a social media term that permits private messages between users of a social network. Direct Message (DM) may be a messaging function in many social media applications and only visible to the sender and recipient(s).


What is DM in medicine?

The Full sort of DM may be a Doctorate of drugs. DM maybe a 3 year Post Graduate super specialty degree; awarded for a course within the field of drugs after completing “MD or DNB”. Doctors who have MD, MS, or DNB can apply for super specialty courses like DM.

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Are DM and Collector the same?

The collector is additionally mentioned as a magistrate and in some districts, it’s even called deputy commissioner. So both district collector or district magistrate or deputy commissioners are one and therefore the same. District collector may be a member of Indian administrative service and is a meeting by the government.

What is the complete sort of DM and SP?

The Brainiest Answer! IAS-Indian administrative services. DM-District magistrate. IPS-Indian police service.

Our MD and DM are the same?

A. MD may be a postgraduate medical degree course while DM may be a postdoctoral course. To pursue a DM course, one must possess an MD degree.

Who can suspend a DM?

No. a neighborhood collector cannot suspend even a constable if the police commander(read sp/ssp) of the district doesn’t agree. A DM/DC can suspend any class 3 Officer of any department posted in his district except police officials and that is why the post of SP becomes so important.

Who may be a DM in India?

District Magistrate

A district magistrate, often abbreviated to DM, is an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer who is that the senior-most executive magistrate and chief responsibility of the overall administration of a neighborhood in India.

Who is IAS Deepak Rawat?

Deepak Rawat may be a firebrand IAS officer from Uttarakhand in India. he’s also one among the foremost popular IAS officers on social media.

Is SP salute a DM?

The only difference is that District Collector takes care of the working of every & every department within the district including law & order, Whereas SP is that the head of the local department and has got to deal only with law & order and he has got to share this responsibility jointly with DC/DM within the district.

Which is higher MD or DM?

MD is Post Graduate degree awarded after three years of coaching in subjects having nonsurgical nature. DM may be a super-specialty degree taken within the Medical field after doing post-graduation. status Organization will give a high salary for candidates with DM degrees because it is above the MD degree. DM Full Form is Direct Message.

Is Md better or MS?

MS may be a postgraduate degree generally surgery while the MD may be a postgraduate degree generally medicine. Both degrees are often pursued after MBBS. … MD is nonsurgical but there are some branches where surgery is often a part of MD. There are various branches where an MBBS graduate can pursue MS or MD.

What is MD or MS?

An MD–MS program may be a dual degree grad school program awarding both a Doctor of Drugs (MD) and a Master of Science (MS) degree. DM Full Form is Direct Message.

Does every IAS become DM?

On average, the DM posting is given to the IAS Officer for 4 to five years only within the whole career as an IAS officer. Some IAS officers never get a chance to become a DM in their career. A DM is merely a coordinating officer for all the government departments.

Who is greater IAS or DM?

Originally Answered: Who has more power IAS or DM? … DM (District Magistrate) may be a designation of an IAS officer. a replacement IAS officer is first posted as SDM then promoted to DM.

Are DM and IAS the same?

IAS is sort of a service joining service within the Govt. … being DM or District Magistrate is merely a designation for IAS officers. When these officers are posted in districts they’re designated as District Magistrate and Collector of a specific district therein state.

Can DM give order to SP?

DM cannot give orders to SP and DFO. DM asks help sp to provide security to implement policy, govt order. DFO has magistrate power. DFO and DM have the required legal powers to request any policeman to help him in handling things.

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