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DIC Full Form, Functions of District Industries Center and Eligibility Criteria for Applying Under & FAQs

DIC Full Form:- DIC stands for District Industries Centre. District Industries Center (DIC) is a central government program that seeks to support local cottage and small-town industries. District Industries Centers were created at the district level and provide all the support and services needed by business owners to help them become MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). Since its inception in 1978, DICs have been created several times in various Indian districts.

Also, As the economy reached a plateau, it became clear that industry should take priority over agriculture. The need for businesses to flourish at a faster pace prompted the Center to come up with the concept of District Industries Centres. To accelerate the creation and growth of businesses in the districts, the Center created District Industry Centers in several districts nationwide. Being a central sector programme, it is fully supported by the federal government, and the states are not obliged to contribute anything towards its creation.

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District Industries Centers facilitate the setting up of facilities for purchasing machinery, equipment and financing and assist in developing acceptable plans for the development of industrial clusters. The General Manager of the District Industries Center is the Joint Director. General Manager conducts reviews that help assess the effectiveness of various plans and resolve implementation issues.


Role of District Industries Centers (DIC)

In every state, District Sector Centers (DICs) are important for promoting the development of various industries. The government department of commerce and industry sets them up. In addition to DICs, Sub-District Industries Centers (SDICs) have also been set up in many states including Nagaland. This additional layer has made it easier to take industrial development further into the rural areas of the country.

  1. Grant-in-Aid to DIC Programs.
  2. A system with only one window cleaned.
  3. Promotion of industries in rural areas.
  4. Ensure that both rural and urban residents have jobs.

Schemes under District Industries Centers: DIC Full Form

Several initiatives have been implemented within the ambit of the District Industries Centres. These programs help in achieving the objectives of making the District Industries Centre. These programs come under the categories of both Central Sectors and Centrally Aided Programs. DIC includes the following programs:

  • Prime Minister’s Employment Guarantee Program (PMEGP)

Launched in 2008, this federally funded program is run by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). PMEGP seeks to provide work options to educated unemployed persons in urban and rural locations. The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) is the nodal organization to run the programme. Banks will lend 90-95 per cent of the total amount through this programme, with the applicant paying 5-10% of the project cost in the commercial, service or industry sectors.

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  • District Industries Center (DIC) Loan Scheme

The self-employed and small business sector in cities and rural areas with a population of less than 1 lakh and a capital investment of less than Rs. 2 lacks are eligible for this program. Small Industries Board, Village Industries, Handicrafts, Weavers, Silk and Coir Industries, and others identify these small units. The money reserved for general category entrepreneurs will be equal to 20% of the total investment or Rs. 40,000. (Whichever is less). 30% of the entire investment, or Rs. 60,000, should go towards the margin money for SC/ST entrepreneurs (whichever is less).

DIC Full Form
DIC Full Form

Eligibility Criteria for Applying under District Industries Centers (DIC)

Loans are available through District Industries Centers (DICs) under many of the schemes mentioned above. District Industries Centers (DICs), which promote and run these programmes, provide loans under various programs with different eligibility requirements.

Aadhaar card, your business name and address, bank account information, date of establishment of business, primary business activity, type of business, number of workers (if any), business investment, and account number to get a district There are specific documents required. Industry Center Certificate.

Activities of the District Industries Center (DIC)

The District Industries Center (DIC), a project of the national government, seeks to fulfil several functions.

These include the following:

  • Registration of Small-Scale Enterprises (SSI) Units – This is for small-scale registration of manufacturing and service industries. The registration process can be either permanent or temporary.
  • Registration of handicraft or cottage industries – This often happens in villages and clusters of rural communities.
  • Application of PM Rozgar Yojana This program, which was launched in 1993, is run through the District Industries Center (DIC) program and aims to provide job prospects in both urban and rural areas.
  • Subsidy to SSI units – The DIC program of the central government provides financial assistance to small-scale industries.
  • Training for Entrepreneur Development Programme: Entrepreneur Development Programme, which comes under the purview of DIC, provides training for skill improvement.
  • An association of artisans and labourers engaged in cottage and village industries forms the organization of an industrial cooperative society.
  • The objective of SIDCO’s Raw Material Assistance is to support entrepreneurial activities by assisting in the supply of raw materials.
  • Small Industries Development Corporation Limited (SIDCO), which provides marketing support to businesses, helps them promote their products apart from providing them with raw materials.

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Functions of District Industries Centers: DIC Full Form

So, District Industries Centers (DICs) perform many important functions for the improvement of a district and to establish that district on the industrial map of India. The following list includes some of the functions to be performed by the District Industries Centers (DICs):-

  1. Preparation of the industrial profile of the district

It helps in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of setting up various enterprises in the district in the light of local infrastructure, raw material supply, labour pool and land availability.

  1. Assistance to entrepreneurs in obtaining a license

So, Several licenses are required to set up an industrial unit including Energy Board, No Objection Certificate, Water Supply Board etc. District Industries Centers (DICs) endorse these licenses, making it easier for business owners to set up industrial units in the respective district.

DIC Full Form
DIC Full Form

Need for District Industry Centers

Also, When the country’s economy started to stabilize, the central government realized the need for district industry centres and felt the need to revive them. Another reason for setting up these DICs is to shift the focus from agriculture to industries. Industrialization makes a country develop. The superpowers of the world are industrial countries.

Therefore, the Center decided to set up these District Industries Centers with defined functions of district industries to speed up the establishment and provide assistance to the developing industries of a district. As it is a central scheme, it is fully funded by the central government. There are some schemes like the District Industries Center Loan Scheme, the Prime Minister’s Employment Guarantee Program, etc., which are offered by DIC, which help in meeting the goals of setting up District Industries Centers.

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Role of District Industry Centers

So, District Industries Centers help in promoting industries in their states. These District Industries Centers have played an important role in penetrating the industrial problems and solutions of the district. The District Industries Centers have assisted in the programs and schemes launched to accelerate the new and old industries in the district. It also serves as a single-window clearance system. He has promoted the establishment of industries in rural areas and created employment opportunities for both rural and urban people.

Functions of District Industries Center: DIC Full Form

Also, Identification of suitable schemes: This is one of the main functions of the District Industries Center as the schemes are beneficial in attracting people to set up industries. District Industries Center Loan Scheme, Prime Minister’s Employment Guarantee Program etc. schemes encourage entrepreneurs.

Preparation of Feasibility Reports: Techno-economic feasibility reports prepared by the District Industries Center are reports that analyze the performance of a product, industrial process or service requiring improvement in certain areas in the industry.

DIC Full Form
DIC Full Form

Arranging for Credit: You need some capital to set up an industry and keep it running. This lump sum amount is not available to every entrepreneur. Therefore, arranging the ways of getting credit becomes one of the main functions of the District Industries Centre.

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FAQs on DIC Full Form

What is the main function of DIC?

Functions of District Industries Centers (DIC):

So, Helping entrepreneurs in obtaining licenses – Various types of licenses are required to set up an industrial unit – Electricity Board, No Objection Certificate, Water Supply Board etc.

Explain in detail what is DIC?

The ‘District Industries Centre’ (DIC) program was launched by the Central Government in 1978 with the objective of promoting small, tiny, cottage and village industries in a particular area and providing all necessary services and facilities. DIC Full Form Entrepreneurs in one place.

What is the role of DIC in MSME?

So, The main objectives of DIC are: To provide various assistance and clarity needed under one roof; promote rural industries; To develop small and cottage industries in the country and create more and more employment opportunities, Also, especially in rural and backward areas of the country.

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What are the activities of DIC?

Also, As a promotional body, DIC supports Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) proposed/existing units (Part – I, Part – II) escort services, single window clearance, entrepreneurship development, acceptance of Entrepreneur Memorandum for generating self-employment Provides various services. Providing financial

What is a DIC subsidy?

Interest subsidy will be given to the enterprise which pays regular instalments and interest to the financial institutions. If the enterprise becomes a defaulter, it will not get an interest subsidy for the default period and such a defaulter period will be deducted from the period of 5 years.

DIC Full Form
DIC Full Form

What does DIC mean in government?

So, DIC is a tax-free benefit paid to eligible survivors of servicemen or ex-servicemen who die in the line of duty or from service-related injury or disease.

What is Transaction DIC?

The act of transacting or the fact of transacting. An instance or process of a transaction of something. Something that is transacted, especially a business agreement.

What does DIC Engineering stand for?

So, Digital image correlation (DIC) is a non-contact, non-interferometric measurement technique that uses high-resolution machine-vision digital cameras to accurately measure surface deformation in two or three dimensions.

How is DIC diagnosed?

Diagnosis of DIC involves a combination of laboratory tests and clinical evaluation. Laboratory findings of DIC include low platelet count, elevated D-dimer concentration, decreased fibrinogen concentration, and prolongation of clotting times such as prothrombin time (PT).

What is the best treatment for DIC?

Also, With the exception of massive bleeding, treatment of the underlying conditions is recommended in all three types of DIC. Blood transfusion is recommended in patients with DIC bleeding and massive bleeding. In the meantime, treatment with heparin is recommended in people with non-symptomatic types of DIC.

What is the difference between DIC and MSME?

So, Is DIC or MSME or SSI registration the same? Yes, DIC or MSME or SSI registration are the same. Basically, even Udyog’s Aadhaar is also called New Name on DIC Registration and District Industrial Center Registration.

How many types of DIC are there?

Also, The two types of DIC are acute and chronic. Acute DIC develops quickly (over hours or days) and must be treated promptly. The condition begins with excessive blood clotting in small blood vessels and quickly leads to severe bleeding. So, Chronic DIC develops slowly (over weeks or months).

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