DGP Full Form, DGP Full Meaning, Job Role of DGPs, Difference Between CP and DGP, What is ACP and CBI full structure, Conclusion, FAQs on DGP

DGP Full Form, DGP Full Meaning, Job Role of DGPs, Difference Between CP and DGP, Conclusion, FAQs

Indian Police follows an order of various officials where DIB works at the Government of India and after that comes DGP which is available in each State and Union Territory. After DGP, you will track down Additional DGP ( ADGP ) and Inspector General of Police ( IGP ), etc. ADGP, as well as IGP, help the DGP in filling its roles. In this article, we will discuss DGP. We will cover DGP’s full structure or full form of DGP in the Police division sure is DGP, and so on. This article will assist you with understanding who DGP is and what he does.


DGP Full Form in Police:

On the off chance that you asked is the full form of DGP; you can answer that it essentially alludes to the “Chief General Of Police”. He is likewise considered as “State Police Chief” due to his most noteworthy position in the police division concerning any state or Union Territory of India.

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DGP Full Meaning:

He is viewed as the most elevated rank official of police in any state or Union Territory of India. Essentially, he is known as the top of the Indian state police or the police of the Indian Union Territory. He is additionally called “State Police Chief”. He is the individual who holds a three-star rank and is named by the bureau by the Indian Police Services.

There may likewise introduce a few extra officials in the Indian state who holds this position and normal arrangements of such kind of officials are referenced beneath:

  • Head of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau
  • Chief General of Prisons
  • Chief General of fire powers and common guard
  • Criminal Investigation Department ( CID )
  • Police Housing Society, and so on.

Such DGP officials may likewise comparable arrangements in the associations of the Central Government, for example,

  • Head of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
  • Head of SVPNPA
  • DG, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

We have previously come to realize DGP full structure in police, who is the greatest power in the state or Union Territory of India. He is likewise helped by other extra or exceptional DGPs who are viewed as answerable for a different department in the state like regulation and request, wrongdoing, and so on.

Job Role of DGPs:

We have gone through what is the full type of DGP as well as its significance of DGP. The job and elements of DGP given beneath:

  • The entire organization of the Police division of the State or Union Territory vested in him.
  • He goes about as a consultant to the Government where he works on a wide range of issues connected with the organization of the Police division.
  • He is liable for the inward economy, hardware, preparing as well as the discipline of the police force and furthermore for the productive association for the purpose of keeping up with the law and request, forestalling as well as recognizing the wrongdoings, and so on. To put it plainly, he is answerable for the releasing of obligations of the multitude of officials of the multitude of positions under him proficiently.
  • It is the obligation of the DGP to educate on issues regarding police organization and wrongdoing and exercises connected with regulation and request.
  • He additionally views it as the focal and principal position to coordinate tasks in the event of strikes; riots, political developments, modern questions, and so on. Under such unsettling influences, police moves were made under the DGP. He can likewise convey saving police during difficult issues where it is fundamental.
  • It is the obligation of the DGP to send his duplicates of the visit program ahead of time to the Chief Minister; Home Minister, Chief Secretary and Home Secretary alongside Commissioners of Police, Additional. Chiefs General of Police, Inspectors General of Police, Dy. Auditors General of Police, Superintendents of Police as well as other related officials.
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Distinction Between CP and DGP:

We have learned about DGP’s full structure in police, its importance as well as its part in the Police. How about we grasp the contrast between two significant officials in the Police:

  • The full form of CP is the “Magistrate of Police” who is the official in Police administration and might be at the position of ADGP or IGP and can likewise be at the position of DIGP. He enables by leadership justice drives and helped by at least one Joint CP. Then again, the DGP full structure in the police division is the Director-General of Police; who suppose to be a 3-star rank official and considered as the most noteworthy position official in the State or the association region. They are IPS officials and may have equivalent arrangements in CBI, CRPF and so forth.
  • Chief of Police is a posting and not a position where the senior-most cop in a magistrate is the CP while Director-General of Police is the most noteworthy position in the pecking order of the State Police and it doesn’t know as a posting.
  • The CP is of various positions. He could be the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Rank or Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Rank or Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) through the Director-General of Police is the most elevated positioned official in the States or Union Territories (UT). Therefore heads the whole police division in the state of UT.
  • In a large portion of the situations, the Commissioner of Police (CP) reports to the (DGP) however there are a few exemptions too on account of Delhi as well as Kolkata Police. Then again, the DGP doesn’t answer the CP.

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To summarize the conversation about the full type of DGP police, we can express that as far as a progressive system in the police organization in any state or Union Territory, he is the head who cares for the police division. He helps different officials, for example, the Additional Director General of Police as well as Special officials. He plays out the obligation as a police head and educates the Government on issues concerning police organization. In this article, we have realized what is the full type of DGP or full structure DGP, who is DGP, his jobs and capacities and the contrast between CP as well as DGP, and so on. Typically, ordinary citizens are familiar with DGP, however, have close to zero familiarity with the DGP full structure in police organizations and this article will assist you with figuring out that.

FAQs on DGP Full Form:

Who is greater DGP or IPS?

In India, the Director-General of Police (DGP) is a three-star rank and the most noteworthy positioning cop in Indian States and Union Territories. All DGPs are Indian Police Service (IPS) officials. Officials who hold the position of DGP might have comparable arrangements in CBI, CRPF and so on.

What is the full type of DIG and DSP?

An Inspector General of Police or Inspector-General of Police is a 3 Star Police official in the police power or police administration of a few countries. DIG Full-Form ➝ Deputy Inspector General. Therefore DSP Full-Form ➝Deputy Superintendent of Police. ACP Full-Form ➝Assistant Commissioner of Police. Assignment.

What is ACP’s full structure?

The full type of ACP is the Assistant Commissioner of Police. The IPS (Indian Police Service), knows as one of the highest levels. A position utilized in police powers overall is the ACP.

What is the full type of CBI?

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the chief research organization in India.

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