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CPCT Full Form, Importance of Computer Proficiency Certification Test ( CPCT ), Objectives of CPCT and Conducting Body, FAQs

CPCT Full Form:- CPCT stands for Computer Proficiency Certification Test. It has been started to assess the candidates applying for government posts in the state on the basis of their proficiency in computers and their typing ability. Computer Based Online Examinations (English & Hindi Typing) consisting of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Typing Tests are used to assess the competencies. Any Indian who is at least 18 years old and has completed his or her higher secondary examination can appear for the Computer Proficiency Certification Test. The test results will be taken into account when candidates are appointed for various posts in State Governments and agencies where computer literacy and keyboarding proficiency are essential.

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Importance of Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT)

The government of Madhya Pradesh vide its order C, 3-15/2014/1/3 dated 26 February 2015 has recognized Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT) as a requirement for all posts like Data Entry Operator, IT Operator, and Assistant Grade- Gave. 3. Working knowledge of computers and the ability to type are essential conditions for steno, shorthand, typist and similar posts in various government departments. To get their scorecard, applicants for these government posts have to clear the CPCT assessment.

Exam Details: CPCT Full Form

The CPCT is divided into two sections:

  1. 75 questions in Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format from the prescribed syllabus.
  2. English & Hindi Typing Test for typing skill assessment.

Test Time Limit

The test will last for a duration of approximately two hours (135 minutes) and is distributed as follows:

  1. 75 minutes for 75 questions in Sections 1 – 6
  2. 05 Minutes Mock Test for English Typing Test for Comprehension
  3. 15 Minutes for English Typing Test
  4. 10 Minute Mock Test for Hindi Typing Test for Comprehension
  5. 15 Minutes for Hindi Typing Test
  6. 15 minutes for reading instructions and switchover between languages in typing test

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CPCT Full Form
CPCT Full Form

Minimum Required Score

  1. The minimum qualifying score of a skill should be 50%.
  2. The minimum required net speed for Hindi typing is 20 words per minute (NWPM)
  3. The minimum required net speed of 30 words per minute (NWPM) in English typing at 50% accuracy
  4. Syllabus
  5. Proficiency in general IT skills like networking, internet, email etc.

Comprehension Skills: CPCT Full Form

  1. Mathematical / Reasoning Skills and General Awareness
  2. Typing skills in English and Hindi languages
  3. Basic knowledge of computer operation.
  4. familiarity with computer hardware and software

Features of Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT)

For Candidates:

  1. Any Indian who is at least 18 years old and has completed higher secondary examinations can register and pay for the CPCT exam online using one of the many payment channels.
  2. Voice and online helpdesk for applicants and support for managing their grievances
  3. The scorecard is valid for two years.
  4. Live Updates on the website for Admit Card, Objections handling, Score Card etc.

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For Employers

  1. Online Scorecard Verification on Portal
  2. Online Candidate Verification through Biometric Input
  3. Skill suitability matrix on the scorecard to facilitate selection as per job requirements

CPCT Full Form: Fee Structure for Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT)

  1. Only online registration and payment for CPCT will be accepted.
  2. The registration and examination fee is Rs 660. For all categories of students including Gen, OBC, SC and St.
  3. Assessment of the following competencies is part of the Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT)
  4. Basic familiarity with computer operation
  5. and an understanding of computer hardware and software.
  6. A general understanding of IT, including networking, internet, email etc.
  7. English & Hindi Language Typing Ability.
  8. reading comprehension
  9. Reasoning and Mathematical Ability.
  10. general awareness
CPCT Full Form
CPCT Full Form

Objectives of Computer Proficiency Certification Test (CPCT)

The objective of CPCT is to create a fair, transparent, object-oriented and scientifically constructed system for assessing the relevant skills and abilities of a candidate for use in recruitment processes for various Government Departments, Boards, Corporations and other entities.

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CPCT: Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles

In mathematics, CPCT means “corresponding parts of congruent triangles”. It is mainly used after proving congruence between triangles. By congruent, we mean that the two triangles are exactly equal to each other, on both sides and angles. Then, once, we show that they are congruent using standard axioms such as SSS, SAS, ASA, RHS, and AAS by looking at a specific set of corresponding angles and sides, and once this is done then the remaining corresponding sides and angles become equal. We end it there by writing CPCT.

CPCT Full Form: What is the full form of CPCT?

Full CPCT from Computer Proficiency Certification Test, an initiative towards digitization by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, stands for Computer Proficiency Certification Test. Candidates are often assessed based on computer training certification provided by various agencies, and sometimes through personal interviews, to determine whether they possess the required and in-demand abilities.

Many times, the level of computer expertise displayed during such certification processes does not correspond to the actual performance of the hired human resources. There are currently no internationally recognized standards for computer skills and no such national/international certification exists. Thus the Government of Madhya Pradesh has made it a prerequisite for many government jobs in which working with computers and typing is a basic skill.

Objectives of CPCT

To establish a single, uniform testing framework for assessing typing skills and computer literacy. Create and maintain a talent pool of computer-literate people and certify them as per accepted keyboard and computer competency norms.

To assist all boards, corporations and other government organizations with varying degrees of relevant human resource needs. To provide a transparent, equitable, object-oriented and scientifically constructed system of assessing the relevant merit of candidates for use in recruitment decisions by various Boards, Corporations and Government agencies.

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CPCT Conducting Body: CPCT Full Form

The Government of Madhya Pradesh developed the Madhya Pradesh Agency for Promotion of Information Technology (MAP IT), an autonomous society under the Department of Science and Technology, to implement the state IT policy. In addition, MAP IT plays the role of a nodal agency, promoting the development of Information Technology (IT) and enabling e-Government across government departments and agencies to provide online services to citizens.

For the purposes of e-governance and computerization, MAP IT provides policy and institutional framework, strategic and project consultancy, project execution, technical support and capacity building to government departments and agencies. Additionally, MAPIT encourages awareness-raising and skill-building in the IT industry, supports government human resource development in the IT sector, and facilitates language localization policies and support for IT-related projects. It is also the agency assigned by the government to operate the CPCT.

CPCT Full Form
CPCT Full Form

Why is CPCT done?

In order to provide a fair and transparent assessment of the candidates, the objective of CPCT is to standardize the assessment of computer proficiency for recruitment to various posts in state government agencies. A computer-based testing system called CPCT is dedicated to the assessment of skill sets required for regular employment in a variety of government positions. Aspirants seeking government jobs have to give CPCT assessment and get their scorecard. Government sector recruiters will use this scorecard to assess the candidate’s proficiency with computers, keyboards and related skills.

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General Layout of the Test

The paper is of a total of 75 marks and there is no negative marking involved in the evaluation. It is divided into two components- MCQ and Typing Test. The MCQ assessment consists of a total of 75 questions, each carrying one mark and available in both English and Hindi languages. It has 5 sections and they assess Computer Proficiency, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude, General Mathematical & Reasoning Ability and General Awareness. The second component of the test is Typing Test which includes both English and Hindi languages. At least 50% marks are to pass it. The duration of the entire exam is 120 minutes and it is as follows:

  1. 75 minutes for 75 MCQs
  2. 5 Minute English Typing Mock Test
  3. 15 Minutes for English Typing Test
  4. Hindi Typing Mock Test for 10 Minutes
  5. 15 Minutes for Hindi Typing Test

CPCT Full Form: Eligibility for CPCT

If a student wants to take the CPCT exam then it is mandatory to pass 12th, you can pass 12th from any stream (Mathematics, Biology, Arts, Commerce, or Agriculture) and you can appear in this exam. If you are a student who is 10th pass and have completed polytechnic technology then you can also apply for its exam.

The objective of the CPCT Exam

The Government of Madhya Pradesh organizes this exam through CPCT to develop some skills in the students. which is like this:

  • General information about computers like Holi, Software, Blue, Arctic information
  • Development of Typing Hindi and English Typing
  • There were many courses and certificates for the candidates to get jobs in the government and private sector, the government has created a system that completes all these procedures and certificate requirements.
  • A commitment, outcome-and scientific system has been for the potential of the selected candidate during recruitment in various government agencies.

Now students only after passing the CPCT exam can apply for all those jobs in both government and private sector which is applicable under CPCT.

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CPCT Full Form
CPCT Full Form

FAQs on CPCT Full Form

Who is eligible for the CPCT exam?

1) Candidate must have passed Higher Secondary or Polytechnic Diploma after 10th. 2) Candidate must have completed 18 years of age as of the date of registration. CPCT Score Card will be valid for 4 years (with effect from Aug’19 exam) from the date of the exam. 1.

What is CPCT Computer Course?

The computer Proficiency and Certification Test (CPCT) has been to assess the computer proficiency and typing skills of the candidates aspiring for government jobs. Computer Based Online Examination assesses competencies using Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) based assessment and Typing Tests (English & Hindi Typing).

Is Hindi typing compulsory for CPCT?

The minimum qualifying score of CPCT for Typing Test is 30 words per minute for English and 20 words per minute for Hindi.

What are the passing marks for CPCT Typing?

1) The minimum passing mark for CPCT is 50%. 2) The typing of the candidate will be in Net Words Per Minute (NWPM), which is scaled up to the equivalent score percentage for certification purposes (a chart will be along with the scorecard).

What is the fee for the CPCT exam?

MP CPCT Application Fee:

To finalize the application form submission, the candidate has to pay the registration fee. The candidate has to pay Rs. 660/-, which is the same for all the applicants planning to apply. Payment Option: Candidates have the option to pay the application fee either offline or online.

What is the age limit for the CPCT exam?

18 years of age:

Any Indian above the age of 18 years and who has passed the Senior Secondary examination can appear for the CPCT.

CPCT Full Form
CPCT Full Form

How many attempts are there for the CPCT exam?

There is no limit on the number of attempts to apply for MP CPCT 2022. Eligible candidates can apply as many times as they want to improve their score/performance. If a candidate is not able to appear in the examination due to any reason after successful registration, he/she can appear in the next examination.

Is CPCT important for Patwari?

To be eligible for MP Patwari Recruitment, applicants must possess the following qualifications: Graduation from a recognized institute. CPCT Scorecard.

Can I do CPCT after the 12th?

To be eligible to appear in the CPT examination a student must be with the Board of Studies of the Institute for the CPT course on or before 1st April in case of the June examination and on or before 1st October in case of the December examination. Must have passed or already passed the 12th class exam.

What is the validity of the CPCT certificate?

Application for CPCT is on “17th March 2023, 18th March 2023, 19th March 2023”. The last date for submission of a fresh application is “26 February 2023” – Click here to fill out the fresh application form. CPCT Scorecard is valid for 07 years from the date of examination (Refer to “Order for CPCT” under the instructions section).

What are the uses of CPCT?

The objective of CPCT is to conduct a standardized assessment of computer proficiency for recruitment to various posts in state government agencies to ensure fair and transparent assessment of candidates.

How do I prepare for CPCT Typing Test?

MP CPCT 2022 Preparation Tips:

  • Candidates should solve the previous year’s question papers and sample papers as much as possible.
  • Make a timetable and follow it strictly.
  • Revision is necessary.
  • Don’t leave anything for the last minute.
  • Eat well and stay hydrated.
  • Don’t worry, study.

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What is the qualification for Patwari MP?


Candidates must be graduates in any discipline to be able to apply for MP Patwari Exam 2023. Those who are in their final year are not eligible to apply for it. In addition to this, it is also mandatory to fulfil the following eligibility: CPCT Scorecard.


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