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CD Full Form Is Compact Disc. It is a flat, small round storage unit that can store information up to 700 MB and 4.75 inches in diameter. It is compact, so it is possible to take it anywhere. Because its continuity does not decrease with time and longer duration, we can operate it countless times. CDs can store any number of digital forms of information such as video, audio, text, photographs, etc. The data is stored as tiny notches on the disc, and when the disc is displayed, the information is interpreted by a laser from an optical drive.
And CDs are small plastic discs on which sound, especially music, can be recorded. CDs can also be used to store information that can be read by a computer.

यह एक सपाट, छोटी गोल भंडारण इकाई है जो 700 एमबी और 4.75 इंच व्यास तक की जानकारी संग्रहीत कर सकती है। यह कॉम्पैक्ट है, इसलिए इसे कहीं भी ले जाना संभव है। क्योंकि इसकी निरंतरता समय और लंबी अवधि के साथ कम नहीं होती है, हम इसे अनगिनत बार संचालित कर सकते हैं। सीडी वीडियो, ऑडियो, टेक्स्ट, फोटोग्राफ इत्यादि जैसी सूचनाओं के किसी भी संख्या में डिजिटल रूपों को स्टोर कर सकती है। डेटा को डिस्क पर छोटे नोटों के रूप में संग्रहीत किया जाता है, और जब डिस्क प्रदर्शित होती है, तो ऑप्टिकल से लेजर द्वारा जानकारी की व्याख्या की जाती है। चलाना।
और सीडी प्लास्टिक की छोटी डिस्क होती हैं जिन पर ध्वनि, विशेष रूप से संगीत, रिकॉर्ड किया जा सकता है। सीडी का उपयोग उन सूचनाओं को संग्रहीत करने के लिए भी किया जा सकता है जिन्हें कंप्यूटर द्वारा पढ़ा जा सकता है।

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Types of compact discs

  • Compact Disc-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM) is a common and standard optical disc used during computer data processing.
  • Recordable compact discs (CD-R) have the option to process writing. It is made of quality dye, which when exposed to light reflects different colors. Therefore life span of CD-Rs is 20 to 100 years.
  • A rewritable compact disc (RW-CD) is a disc where the contents can be removed and rewritten over and over again.
  • Video Compact Disc (VCD) helps you to easily view the moving picture on the screen.

A brief history of CD

  • It was first manufactured by two firms, Sony and Philips, respectively. Initially, CDs were made only initially, and CDs were made only for recording and storing sound.
  • A CD was later advanced as technology to allow a collection of information to be stored on its disc. Compact Disc was then named CD-ROM (Compact Disc-Read Only Memory).
  • In the stored information only the read operation takes place but the write operation does not take place. The first CD audio player was made available to the public in Japan by the Sony company.

CD Full Form: Characteristics of CD

Features of CD include:

  • A regular compact disc has a diameter of about 120 millimeters (mm) and a width of 1.2 millimeters (mm).
  • It consists entirely of plastic and has a shiny, glossy appearance.
  • It weighs only 15 or 20 grams.
  • A CD has up to 700 MiB of storage space, which ensures that a compact disc can handle up to 80 minutes of sound quality.


The CD is made from 1.2mm thick polycarbonate plastic that weighs about 16 grams. A thin layer of aluminum is applied to the surface to make the surface reflective. The data converges from the center and moves to the edge. A CD has two sides. One side is flat which tells us about the contents of the CD and the other side is lit because there is a laser beam on it through which it can be read.

सीडी 1.2 मिमी मोटे पॉली कार्बोनेट प्लास्टिक से बनाई गई है जिसका वजन लगभग 16 ग्राम है। सतह को परावर्तक बनाने के लिए सतह पर एल्यूमीनियम की एक पतली परत लगाई जाती है। डेटा केंद्र से परिवर्तित होता है और किनारे पर चला जाता है। एक सीडी के दो पहलू होते हैं। एक तरफ फ्लैट है जो हमें सीडी की सामग्री के बारे में बताता है और दूसरी तरफ रोशनी होती है क्योंकि उस पर एक लेजर बीम होती है जिसके माध्यम से इसे पढ़ा जा सकता है।

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FAQ’S On CD Full Form

What is CD?

A compact disc (CD) is a plastic disc that stores digital data and is scanned by a laser beam to produce recorded information. A CD is used for storage and distribution and can be accessed through computers and entertainment systems.

How do you use CDs?

Insert the disc you want to play in the drive. Usually, the disc will start playing on its own. If it doesn’t play, or if you want to play a disc you’ve already inserted, open Windows Media Player, and then, in the Player library, select the disc name in the navigation pane.

What are the types of CDs?

There are many types of CDs available with different features, such as:

  • Compact Disc-Read Only Memory (CD-ROM)
  • Recordable Compact Disc (CD-R)
  • Compact Disc-Interactive (CD-i)
  • Rewritable CD (CD-RW), and so on.

CD Full Form: What is CD Drive in Laptop?

Optical drives allow your computer to read and interact with discs such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. While almost every computer had them a few years ago, they are now a rarity on newer computers. If you need an optical drive but your computer doesn’t have one, you can purchase an external optical drive.

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What are the features of CD?

Some of the features of CDs are as follows:
Its diameter is 4.75 inches and its thickness is 0.05 inches.
A CD can hold 700 MB of data.
It is made from a clear polycarbonate plastic substrate, a metal layer, and a protective coating of acrylic plastic.

CD Full Form: How do I put a CD on my computer?

Begin by pressing the drive’s eject button, which pops out of the tray (often called a drink holder in computer jokes). Drop the disc into the tray, labeling the side up. Gently insert the tray back into the computer. The tray automatically slides back into the rest of the way.

How is data stored in a CD?

Data is stored on a disk as a series of microscopic indentations called “pits”, with non-indented spaces between them called “lands”. A laser is shone on the reflective surface of the disc to read the patterns of the craters and the land.

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