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AMUL Full Form Is Anand Milk Union Limited. Amul was established in 1946 as a cooperative dairy in Anand, a small town in the Khaira district of Gujarat state. This company was founded by Dr. Verghese Kurien and is the beginning of the White Revolution. Amul is the largest producer of milk products and milk in India. The organization is credited with bringing about the White Revolution in India and is touted as a successful cooperative business model that has really empowered the men and women of the village. It has created small-scale entrepreneurs out of ordinary rural women.
Today, AMUL is a well-known brand managed by Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF). This cooperative body is owned by over 3 million milk producers and its products are available in more than forty countries. Its revenue was more than three billion dollars between 2014 and 2015.

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AMUL का मतलब आनंद मिल्क यूनियन लिमिटेड है। अमूल की स्थापना 1946 में गुजरात राज्य के खैरा जिले के एक छोटे से शहर आणंद में एक सहकारी डेयरी के रूप में हुई थी। इस कंपनी की स्थापना डॉ वर्गीज कुरियन ने की थी और यह श्वेत क्रांति की शुरुआत है। अमूल भारत में दुग्ध उत्पादों और दूध का सबसे बड़ा उत्पादक है। संगठन को भारत में श्वेत क्रांति लाने का श्रेय दिया जाता है और इसे एक सफल सहकारी व्यवसाय मॉडल के रूप में जाना जाता है जिसने वास्तव में गाँव के पुरुषों और महिलाओं को सशक्त बनाया है। इसने सामान्य ग्रामीण महिलाओं में से छोटे पैमाने के उद्यमियों का निर्माण किया है।
आज, AMUL गुजरात को-ऑपरेटिव मिल्क मार्केटिंग फेडरेशन लिमिटेड (GCMMF) द्वारा प्रबंधित एक प्रसिद्ध ब्रांड है।

AMUL Full Form: Usage

Amul produces a wide range of dairy products like flavored milk, paneer, butter, ghee, curd, milk powder, chocolate, shrikhand, ice cream, and many other types of dairy products. It has also launched Brown Beverages; Amul Pro is similar to Horlicks and Bournvita. In 2006, it launched its first sports drink called Stamina. Amul’s most famous product is Amul Butter. Amul is gaining immense popularity with a new poster/billboard every month for the last 50 years. The inspiration behind the poster is a current event, idea, or event.

अमूल फ्लेवर्ड मिल्क, पनीर, मक्खन, घी, दही, मिल्क पाउडर, चॉकलेट, श्रीखंड, आइसक्रीम और कई अन्य प्रकार के डेयरी उत्पादों जैसे डेयरी उत्पादों की एक विस्तृत श्रृंखला का उत्पादन करता है। इसने ब्राउन बेवरेजेज भी लॉन्च किया है; अमूल प्रो हॉर्लिक्स और बॉर्नविटा के समान है। 2006 में, इसने अपना पहला स्पोर्ट्स ड्रिंक स्टैमिना नाम से लॉन्च किया। अमूल का सबसे प्रसिद्ध उत्पाद अमूल बटर है। अमूल पिछले 50 वर्षों से हर महीने एक नए पोस्टर/बिलबोर्ड के साथ अपार लोकप्रियता हासिल कर रहा है। पोस्टर के पीछे प्रेरणा एक वर्तमान घटना, विचार या घटना है।

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Amul History

The history of Amul begins in 1946 when the Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Limited (KDCMPUL) was formed. KDCMPUL was a cooperative of dairy farmers of the Kaira district, which collected milk from farmers and sold it to butter and cream manufacturers in Bombay.

  • However, farmers were not getting the best price for their milk, and the transportation of milk was not good.
  • In 1952, KDCMPUL decided to build its own processing plant, and the foundation stone was laid in 1953. The plant started operating in 1956, and the first order was received from Bombay.
  • Later in 1957 Bombay Milk Scheme was started which subsidized KDCMPUL.
  • In 1968, KDCMPUL and Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF) merged to form Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited.
  • This was the first step toward the formation of Amul. However, it was not until 1970 that the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited became AMUL.
  • Since then Amul has grown rapidly. It has produced over 3.2 billion liters of milk in the last 20 years, the highest in India. Amul has also opened a new, state-of-the-art processing plant that can produce 1.5 million liters of milk a day.
  • Amul has always worked towards improving the quality of life of its members. It has introduced new schemes which provide medical care and education to its members. It has also started a pension scheme for its members.
  • Amul Dairy is also involved in cooperative social projects. So It has helped children with education, and it has provided medical treatment to villagers.
  • Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited, popularly known as Amul Dairy, is a farmer-owned apex body of 9 lakh milk producers in Gujarat.

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FAQ On Amul Full form

How did Amul get its name?

The word ‘Amul’, derived from ‘Amulya’, which in Sanskrit means ‘precious’ or ‘priceless’, was used to market the range of milk products developed by the Kaira Sangha. It is also an acronym for Anand Milk Union Limited. Dr. Kurien had a vision.

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What is the girl’s name Amul?

The ad agency, which was not happy with the 712 pictures of the children, immediately took a liking to Tharoor’s baby girl Shobha. In this way, Shobha became the face of Amul Girl. The wide-eyed Amul girl later won many hearts in India with ‘Absolutely Delicious’ ad campaigns.

विज्ञापन एजेंसी, जो बच्चों की 712 तस्वीरों से खुश नहीं थी, ने तुरंत थरूर की बच्ची शोभा को पसंद किया। इस तरह शोभा अमूल गर्ल का चेहरा बन गईं। चौड़ी आंखों वाली अमूल लड़की ने बाद में ‘बिल्कुल स्वादिष्ट’ विज्ञापन अभियानों के साथ भारत में कई दिल जीते।

AMUL Full Form: Is Amul an Indian company?

Amul has become the first Indian dairy firm to feature in the global top 20 list released by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), Dutch multinational banking and financial services company Rabobank.

अमूल गुजरात कोऑपरेटिव मिल्क मार्केटिंग फेडरेशन (जीसीएमएमएफ), डच बहुराष्ट्रीय बैंकिंग और वित्तीय सेवा कंपनी राबोबैंक द्वारा जारी वैश्विक शीर्ष 20 सूची में शामिल होने वाली पहली भारतीय डेयरी फर्म बन गई है।

Who is the Amul mascot?

Amul Girl refers to the advertising mascot used by Amul, an Indian dairy brand. Amul Girl is a hand-drawn cartoon of a young Indian girl wearing a polka-dotted frock, with blue hair and a half pony tied up.

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Why is Amul so popular?

Amul is famous for its products and its fast drive and hard labor which insured the self-sufficiency of the farmers. Therefore Today, the brand has helped farmers become entrepreneurs and earn a livelihood on their own.

अमूल अपने उत्पादों और अपने तेज ड्राइव और कड़ी मेहनत के लिए प्रसिद्ध है जिसने किसानों की आत्मनिर्भरता का बीमा किया। आज, ब्रांड ने किसानों को उद्यमी बनने और अपने दम पर आजीविका कमाने में मदद की है।

Who’s on Indian Milk?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently issued an advisory to the Indian government, saying that if adulteration in milk and milk products is not checked immediately, then by the year 2025, 87 percent of citizens will suffer from serious diseases like cancer.

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