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AISSCE Full Form is the All India Senior School Certificate Test. AISSCE, at times known as the Board Exams in like manner speech, last test for secondary school understudies held every year for the Government of India by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Its higher capability is sought after by understudies in CBSE schools for a two-year time frame between the ages of 16 and 18. The AISSC results consider by colleges for deciding admission to degree programs.


What is AISSCE?

All India Senior School Certificate Test (AISSCE) last assessment held at the finish of every scholarly year by the CBSE. The AISSCE test results utilize to decide school confirmations for college classes. The subjects remember for these boards didn’t entirely settle by the stream picked by the understudy following the 10th grade. Clinical, non-clinical, business, and expressions are the four most normal streams from which understudies pick. Be that as it may, the assessment example and grades stay steady all through. The subjects fluctuate. If an understudy doesn’t qualify with a passing score, the person should rehash the test.

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Significance of AISSCE Full Form:

AISSCE is a test that each understudy should accept to own up by a school or advanced education foundation. The accompanying meaning of AISSCE by CBSE are following:

  • Keeps up with Consistency: Because AISSCE is the test that all twelfth-grade understudies should take, it gives a sensation of consistency in the school’s educational plan. Besides, because all CBSE-subsidiary schools use NCERT course books, kids who should turn schools on a successive premise don’t endure scholastically. Help is likewise effectively accessible with a predictable and arranged educational program. AISSCE is available to students from both partnered and non-subsidiary schools, as per CBSE.
  • The structure that reduces: The CBSE educational program’s prospectus organises and basic. After the 10th grade, the disciplines parted to address the issues of understudies in different streams. Also, the NCERT reading material utilizes by CBSE to compose. The major thoughts talked about. Besides, there are different inquiries open to trying what realize in the parts. Understudies will have arranged for cutthroat tests notwithstanding AISSCE.
  • Discipline: Students are ignorant of the facial setting of the assessment while reading up for AISSCE, which adds a component of shock. It rouses understudies to concentrate on more, cover all regions, and be good to go overall.

The Study and Impact of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation:

In India, the tests, at times known as “load up tests,” are exceptionally expected. Youngsters used to concentrate on an assessment stream known as the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. To mitigate understudy pressure, the then-Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal carried out this methodology. The whole year has been parted into two semesters, as indicated by the recent fad setter. Every semester had two developmental and one summative test. Already, the test was held toward the year’s end; nonetheless, with the semester plan, the test is isolated into parts. The primary half endured from April to September, while the final part endured from October to March.

Are AISSCE and CBSE the equivalent?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is India’s public and biggest training board for private and government-funded schools. Simultaneously, AISSCE represents the All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, a class twelfth assessment controlled by the CBSE. The AISSCE is for class 12, though the AISSE, or All India Secondary School Examination, is for class 10, and both constrain by the CBSE.

AISSCE Pattern: Full Form AISSCE

AISSCE subjects evaluate out of 100 focuses. The test for courses like Chemistry, Biology, and others is evaluated out of 70/80 focuses, with 20/30 saved for practicals. The Central Board of Secondary Education is likewise contemplating consolidating practicals into disciplines like Mathematics and Social Sciences. Each test endures three hours and incorporates both short and long hypothesis questions. Understudies should pass AISSCE with at least 33 imprints in each subject. The hour of the commonsense assessments differs contingent upon the subject and the pragmatic to directed. The reasonable held at a CBSE-chose area.

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AISSCE Full Form

Students should likewise follow the headings given underneath

  • Students should be at the testing place no less than 30 minutes before the test starts.
  • Understudies should likewise give their confirmation cards to their schools no less than 2-3 weeks before the assessments.
  • Test results are by and largely delivered web-based in the principal seven-day stretch of May.
  • Nonetheless, because of the development of COVID-19, the period for leading tests has moved to start in 2020. As an outcome, as indicated by the latest bits of gossip, the outcomes will report by mid-July this year.

AISSCE Examination: Full Form AISSCE

Each subject in the test assesses out of 100 focuses. For disciplines with commonsense tests, like physical science, science, topography, and science, 30/20 imprints assign for practicals and internals, while 70/80 imprints save for hypothesis tests. Indeed, even in non-science/lab-based points, CBSE set proposals in 2020 to direct interior appraisals for 20 imprints, with simply the hypothetical test filling the 100-mark prerequisite till 2019. The term of hypothesis papers is 3 hours, while the length of down-to-earth tests fluctuates relying on the point.

Parts of the Exams:

Each subject evaluates out of a sum of 90 (hypothetical/composed) focuses, with 10 focuses granted for reasonable evaluation strategies, for example, tasks, homeroom ventures, and introductions. As indicated by the new example, each subject evaluates out of a sum of 80 places (hypothetical), with the excess 20 places (inward evaluation) partitioned into 5 focuses for functional evaluation, 5 focuses for note pad accommodation, and 10 focuses for training tests directed independently by schools partnered with the Central Board of Secondary Education.

The Central Board of Secondary Education adjusted this organization for the 2019-20 scholarly year, saving similar 80 imprints for hypothesis yet expanding the number of inquiries and giving more interior choices in the paper.


Without any placement tests, schools and junior universities in India now and again use All India Secondary School Examination scores for admission to upper auxiliary subjects (humanities, sciences, business, or professional projects). Thus, the tests become the concluding component in figuring out which way the understudy would be agreeable.


A few Indian states (for instance, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, West Bengal, Karnataka, and Kerala) hold their optional school assessments, known as Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC), and Matriculation. The CBSE’s All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE), the ICSE’s Class X Examination, and the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examinations for Class tenth are no different either way and are equivalent to the General Certificate of Secondary Education taken by understudies in the United Kingdom.

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Other public sheets evaluation plans:

The Central Board of Secondary Education and other focal sheets, for example, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and the National Institute of Open Schooling, have schools all around the country that follow their instructive plan.

AISSCE Results:

The assessment results report in the main seven-day stretch of May. As a rule, around 80% of candidates finish the test. The Delhi High Court has requested the Central Board of Secondary Education and Delhi University to investigate how the aftereffects of the Main Exam, Revaluation Exam, and Compartment Exam might report sooner than typical to guarantee that candidates don’t miss the cut-off dates. Because of the COVID-19 issue, optional school tests for classes X and XII will drop in 2020 and 2021.

AISSCE Full Form

FAQs on AISSCE Full Form:

What does AISSCE rely on in tests and tests?

This article contains definitions for the abbreviation AISSCE in the scholar and science area as a general rule, and in the test and test wording specifically.

What is AISSCE’s whole name?

All India Senior School Certificate Examination is the complete name of AISSCE.

What is the classification of the AISSCE?

Scholastic and Science structure the essential classes of the All India Senior School Certificate Examination, while tests and tests structure the sub-classification.

Is there a contrast between CBSE and AISSCE?

No, AISSCE and CBSE are not something similar, even though they associate.

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