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ACCA Full Form, Course, Fees

ACCA full form is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Founded in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the global professional accounting body offering the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (ACCA). As a globally recognized course and updated/Industry relevant content, ACCA qualification is a great way to build a career in Accounts and finance. Students can pursue this along with their graduation. Its flexible examination scheme makes this qualification more attractive.


About ACCA

The association of certified chartered accountants courses provides opportunities all over the world to students. Thereby association of certified chartered accountants is an internationally recognized organization so to have its qualification is a great way for any student to build a career in finance and accountancy. So The members of ACCA are able to work in various commercial sectors such as business development, audit and assurance, business restructuring, compliances and risk, commercial finance, advisory and consulting, business and corporate accounting, cyber security, corporate finance, finance, and administration, education and training, leadership, project management, investor relations, tax, support services, treasury, etc.
Thereby students can pursue these ACCA courses if they plan to study abroad. So The fee for any top ACCA college in India can vary from 28000 to 260000. Thereby syllabus of the ACCA course can be merged with either BBA or which makes these ACCA courses the most popular choices among students of commerce stream even if there are plenty of other choices. Thereby are two admission modes for ACCA – merit-based and entrance-based.

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Eligibility for ACCA

Eligibility: For entry to ACCA’s qualification, you should have completed 18 years of age and qualified for the 10+2 exams with an aggregate of 65% in Mathematics/Accounts and English and a minimum of 50%in other subjects. Thereby ACCA professional examinations are offered worldwide twice yearly, in June and December. Thereby This is the main eligibility criteria for the Association of certified chartered accountants courses.

योग्यता: एसीसीए की योग्यता में प्रवेश के लिए, आपको 18 वर्ष की आयु पूरी करनी चाहिए और गणित / लेखा और अंग्रेजी में कुल 65% और अन्य विषयों में न्यूनतम 50% के साथ 10 + 2 परीक्षा के लिए अर्हता प्राप्त करनी चाहिए। इस प्रकार एसीसीए पेशेवर परीक्षाएं दुनिया भर में साल में दो बार जून और दिसंबर में पेश की जाती हैं। इस प्रकार एसोसिएशन ऑफ सर्टिफाइड चार्टर्ड एकाउंटेंट्स कोर्स के लिए यह मुख्य पात्रता मानदंड है।

Structure of ACCA

The Association of certified chartered accountants is the most reputed qualification in accountancy. Thereby association of certified chartered accountants is considered a high-level professional qualification so it is equal to completing a full university degree. So ACCA is IFAC compliant based on auditing standards and international accounting. Thereby ACCA courses can be pursued either parallel along with graduation such as BBA,, etc. Therefore or it can be already embedded within graduation courses. So ACCA is desirable and attractive for students for the fact that it has a flexible examination scheme. So are 13 compulsory papers in the ACCA course that are required to complete within a maximum period of 7 years. Thereby curriculum of ACCA is internationally recognized and relevant as well as it is a great platform for those students to build an aspiring career in finance and accounting.

Applied Knowledge

The Applied Knowledge exams provide students with a broad introduction to the world of finance and develop their essential understanding and techniques in accounting. These exams are:

  • Business and Technology (BT)
  • Financial Accounting (FA)
  • Management Accounting (MA)

Applied Skills

The Applied Skills exams build on existing knowledge and understanding and develop strong; broad, and practical finance skills required of future strategic professional accountants in any sector or industry. These exams are:

  • Corporate and Business Law (LW)
  • Taxation (TX)
  • Financial Reporting (FR)
  • Performance Management (PM)
  • Financial Management (FM)
  • Audit and Assurance (AA)

Practical Experience Requirement

Being a confident, inspiring, and trusted professional comes with experience so to qualify as an ACCA member you must complete a minimum of 36 months of relevant work experience and achieve 9 performance objectives.
So Your time in a relevant role and performance objectives need to be signed off by a practical experience supervisor. The practical experience requirement allows you to put the knowledge learned through your studies into practice in a real work environment.

एक आश्वस्त, प्रेरक और भरोसेमंद पेशेवर होने के नाते अनुभव के साथ आता है, इसलिए एसीसीए सदस्य के रूप में अर्हता प्राप्त करने के लिए आपको कम से कम 36 महीने का प्रासंगिक कार्य अनुभव पूरा करना होगा और 9 प्रदर्शन उद्देश्यों को प्राप्त करना होगा।
इसलिए एक प्रासंगिक भूमिका और प्रदर्शन उद्देश्यों में आपका समय एक व्यावहारिक अनुभव पर्यवेक्षक द्वारा हस्ताक्षरित किया जाना चाहिए। व्यावहारिक अनुभव की आवश्यकता आपको अपने अध्ययन के माध्यम से सीखे गए ज्ञान को वास्तविक कार्य वातावरण में व्यवहार में लाने की अनुमति देती है।

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What is the ACCA course structure?

The ACCA exams are divided into two levels; Fundamentals and Professional. Thereby Fundamentals level is divided into two modules Knowledge and Skills. So The Knowledge module introduces you to the main areas of financial and management accounting. So You will study the other technical accountancy areas after you study this.

How many papers are in ACCA?

If you have not completed your bachelor’s degree then you must first finish your ACCA Foundation Diploma which includes seven papers. However, if you pass these seven papers then you get exempted from the first three papers.

Is it ACCA or CA better?

The passing percentage of CA lies between 4-5% whereas ACCA is 40-50%; which makes the Chartered Accountants more demandable compared to ACCA. … Therefore, Chartered Accountants are highly respected in society. Less Fee Structure – As CA is an Indian recognized course while the ACCA is U.K. based.

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